Beechlawn GuestHouse

BeechLawn GuestHouse

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Experience comfort and convenience at our welcoming guest house. Enjoy well-designed rooms with cozy furnishings and modern amenities for a relaxed stay. Our kitchen is fully equipped and the beautiful surroundings offer peaceful walks and a connection with nature. We prioritize your comfort with a blend of modern convenience and a cozy atmosphere, ensuring a simple yet enjoyable experience.

Things to Do.

Experiences for Everyone

Portmarnock, Ireland, has a variety of activities for those who want a good mix of relaxation and exploration. Start your day with a walk on Portmarnock Beach, a peaceful spot where the Irish Sea meets golden sands. Golfers can try out their skills at the Portmarnock Golf Club, known for its history and coastal views. For those intrigued by marine life, consider a fishing tour off the coast to experience the local waters. Nature lovers can explore Malahide Castle and Gardens, surrounded by greenery and history. Wrap up the day by trying out local pubs and restaurants for a taste of Irish hospitality. Whether you're into outdoor activities, cultural trips, or just enjoying the coastal vibe, Portmarnock offers a down-to-earth and diverse experience for every visitor.

Beautiful Beaches, Relaxing Environment & Late night entertainement


Portmarnock Beach

Strolling along Portmarnock Beach in Ireland is a peaceful experience, with sandy shores next to the rhythmic Irish Sea. The calming waves, fresh sea breeze, and wide views make for a relaxed atmosphere, providing a nice getaway for some quiet time. Every step on this pretty beach reveals a nice seascape, making it a simple and refreshing coastal walk.


Morning relaxation

In Portmarnock, Ireland, start your day with a calm stroll through the quiet town. The sound of the Irish Sea provides a soothing background as you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Take a moment to appreciate the sunrise, setting the tone for a relaxed day in this coastal haven.


Late Night Entertainment

In Portmarnock, Ireland, the nightlife has plenty to offer with various late-night options. Check out the local pubs for some traditional Irish music and a lively atmosphere. If you prefer something more upscale, there are stylish seaside venues with live performances, making Portmarnock nights diverse and vibrant, reflecting its coastal charm.

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